Octane Ro Rowing Machine

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  • Handlebar catch
  • Octane Ro-3
  • Quick-Release (1)
  • Ro console

Octane Ro Rowing Machine

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Quick-Release Foot Strap

Finally! A hassle-free method of getting onto and off of the rower. This patent-pending design enables exercisers to quickly insert their feet and pull up on the handle for a secure fit. To exit, they simply push the button to release the strap. It’s just that easy!

14-Minute Workout

Made popular by the Max Trainer cardio machine, the Max 14 Interval program drives maximum effort in 25-second intervals, followed by 80-second recovery periods. This ultra-efficient, 14-minute HIIT session inspires exercisers to give it their all and benefit from total-body conditioning.

Comfort Seat

This specially designed seat incorporates ergonomic contours on the large, padded surface so that exercisers enjoy more comfort and stability.

HIIT Tri-Fected

The new Octane Trifecta is now available to equip clubs and boutiques. Comprised of the Octane Rō, Max Trainer and AirdyneX exercise machines, the valuable Octane Trifecta facilitates HIIT, small group training, circuit workouts, individual training sessions and more with varied total-body, low-impact regimens.


• Dual resistance – fan and magnetic brake
• Quick-release foot strap
• Max 14 Interval workout
• MultiGrip handlebar
• Enhanced console with calorie meter
• Comfort seat
• Oversized handlebar catch
• Self-powered
• Small footprint
• Easy storage


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