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Air Bike

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This Air bike is Perfectly suited for HIIT-training with any user being challenged every time, over and over again. the Air bike uses a drag system which the resistance of the bike will get heavier the moment the user cycles faster. The pedals are used to train the legs, hips and buttocks, while at the same time the arms, chest and shoulders are trained by using the handles. This makes it possible for everyone to get a maximal result and full body workout out of his interval training. The Air bike has an excellent finish, is easy adjustable and can be used on every level.

Model Number: LD-915
          Type: Exercise Bike, Air Resistance System
         Certification: CE ISO9001 ROSH
Colour: Black
Usage: Hotel/Gym/Club
Single package size:  50X30X25 cm
weight: 40kg


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