Green Is No Longer An Option

SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ is a range of cardio equipment with built in pioneering green technology. This technology harnesses the human energy while in use turning up to 74% of this user-generated energy into clean, renewable electricity that can be used across your facility. Align fitness goals with sustainability goals and business success with ECO-POWR™, designed to perform beyond expectations.

  • Reduce facilities carbon footprint & carbon taxes
  • Motivate members with meaningful impact metrics like watts generated
  • Convert up to 74% of human energy produced into clean, renewable energy
  • Generate up to 160w of electricity in a one hour workout, offsetting energy consumption
  • Simplify cord and outlet management through daisy chain capabilities

ECO-POWR™ Electricity Basics

When initially turned on, similar to standard appliances, ECO-POWR™ products draw a small amount of electricity. As a workout begins, the units almost instantaneously stop consuming electricity and, within seconds, enough energy is being produced to power the unit and to send excess electricity back into the facility’s grid through a standard outlet. That energy is then used to power other machines and devices within the facility, offsetting the power needed from the utility company.

SA Well+


SA WELL+™ is the software ecosystem that seamlessly enhances the benefits of ECO-POWR™ products. SA WELL+™ includes energy production tracking, leaderboard, asset management, and a user app to track individual workouts and lifetime watts produced.