EXL Air Rower


EXL Air Rower

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If you’re looking for a workout that is low-impact (a.k.a. joint-friendly), rowing is the perfect total-body workout.

Indoor rowing is an excellent low-impact option for improving cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance,

Since it is a low impact sport, rowing reduces the risk of damage to weight-bearing joints, such as hips, ankles, and knees, which tend to be prone to injury and soreness when doing high-impact sports.”

Of course, the rowing machine provides a killer cardio workout, too. Rowing is great for cardio because it allows for a full-body, low impact, mono-structural movement that can be sustained for long periods at a steady state cardio or for shorter, high intensity workouts and sprints

Our New EXL Row Erg is the perfect product for your PT studio , or Home Gym . and at an unbeatable price too.

1. Material: 304 Stainless steel, ABS, Aluminium
2. Colours: black,
3. Max Load: 200 kg
4. Tension : 30kg
5. 304 Stainless steel thickness: 1.5 mm
6. Bellows material: ABS
7. Inner steel plate:
Φ430 mm*4mm,3kg
8. Resistance: 10 Level Adjustable
9. N.W./G.W: 32/36 kg
10. Product size: 2240*610*508mm
11. Chain material: #45 steel
12. Sliding rail material: Aluminium,100*80*4mm, L 140cm
13. Foot Tube : 25*50*1.5mm, L 62cm
14. Support plate: 80*4mm
15. The height of the slide rail from the ground is 28cm,
height of cushion from the ground 36cm, the thickness of the
cushion itself is 4.5cm.
16. Bearing: Single track bearing
17. APP: Fit Show App


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