Freemotion COACHBIKE™

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Freemotion COACHBIKE™

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Keep Engaged  with the most immersive indoor cycling experience that keeps you coming back for more! With auto-adjusting technology that matches the incline and decline of the on-screen terrain the COACHBIKE™ delivers an unrivalled immersive experience.

  • IMMERSIVE CYCLING EXPERIENCE – Cycle stunning locations around the world as your bike automatically inclines up to 20% during hill climbs and declines to -10% for breath-taking mountain descents.
  • CONTENT ON-DEMAND, 24/7 ; Get access to your favourite fitness coach on your schedule, whenever you choose to workout.
  • Progressive Workouts  -Complete a full workout series that continuously challenges with each new workout.
  • Ever-Expanding Content Library -With an extensive and ever-growing library of engaging on-screen content, you’ll always have a new workout to experience or a unique location to explore.
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees – With iFit-powered Freemotion cardio equipment you get access to the industry’s leading fitness content provider, all with no annual or monthly fees.


Choose from 100+ Olympic champions, celebrities, physical therapists, professional cyclists, and location guides to be your iFit coach. With unique training styles and personalities that motivate and inspire, you’ll quickly find your new favourite trainer.

Global Workouts

Explore the world without leaving the room with thousands of inspiring training videos beautifully filmed in stunning locations around the globe, including 40+ countries and all 7 continents. Your bike’s incline/decline will even adjust to match the terrain and instructions of your coach

High-Energy Studio Classes

Experience the hype of a high-intensity studio class alongside other participants and taught by fitness instructors that motivate and inspire you to finish strong. Let your coach guide you through the workout and virtually control your bike.


Ride anywhere in the world with Google Maps. Create a route, and iFit will adjust your bike’s incline/decline to match the on-screen terrain, allowing you to virtually explore 10 million miles (16 million km) of mapped locations. Revisit your childhood neighbourhood or train for an out-of-town triathlon before completing it in person.


Each interactive workout allows your coach to remotely adjust the incline, decline, or resistance of your bike to mirror the on-screen content, creating an immersive and engaging training experience.


This maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive System delivers the same quiet, smooth ride that a belt drive provides, with the strength and production of a chain. When combined with the efficiency and performance of a fixed wheel and the most engaging content available, it provides the ultimate riding experience.


The dual-sided pedals accommodate both high- performance SPD cleats and traditional fitness footwear to maximize your power and your performance results.


With hundreds of seat and handlebar configurations available in seconds, the CoachBike can quickly adapt to every body


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