16kg GRIPR

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16kg GRIPR

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Made to be easy but effective to use, anyone can make serious fitness gains through this alternative and exciting strength trainer. With the GRIPR range starting at a light weight and always prizing safety, even kids can benefit from a round with GRIPR being worked into their everyday routine, the GRIPR is a innovative new tool that means fitness is for all.

  • Grip strength: The foundation of all lifting exercises, the GRIPR has been created to develop wrists, forearm and general arm strength. By developing grip strength a user will build forearm strength, meaning they can expect to see fantastic results when visiting a free-weight area to lift.
  • Safe for beginners or recovering athletes: The safety element is also key, meaning beginners, rehabilitating athletes, and even kids, can use the GRIPR in confidence to learn truly functional movement patterns that would previously have been too difficult, or potentially harmful, with either a kettlebell or dumbbell. Rested on forearms or accidentally dropped on a foot, the GRIPR is perfectly safe, just pick it back up and carry on.
  • Core training: Train your deep core muscles with this unique shape-shifting resistance trainer, throw it, catch it, solo or in a group, your core training has never been so versatile or effective.
  • Great for challengers: An all-round piece of kit, just because it’s ideal for kids doesn’t mean the GRIPR can’t pose a challenge for the serious athlete. Uniquely able to shift its structure thanks to the micro-grade steel sand inside, not two lifts are the same, keeping your core guessing and creating the ultimate challenge for the Kinetic chain.
  • Boot Campers: Grab your GRIPR and take on the elements, able to withstand weather and the wet, this double-stitched weight won’t let water in and won’t let any of it’s contents out. Grab it, Lift it, throw it, slam it, the GRIPR can withstand the hardiest of workouts.


  • Will not mark or scratch studio floors
  • Great way to introduce beginners to fundamental movement patterns
  • Ideal for group and 1-on-1 sessions
  • Colourful and stylish
  • Easy weight identification
  • Double stitched, completely sealed neoprene bag meaning there is no leakage
  • Water resistant material means it is ideal for use outdoors
  • Micro grade steel sand moves freely with the bag meaning no two repetitions are ever the same
  • Safe, will not injure if dropped on toes and feet and can be rested on forearms without fear of injury
  • Unique rubber printing treatment stretches with the fabric ensuring it doesn’t crack or deteriorate over time


  • Materials: (Contents) Micro grade steel sand (bag) Neoprene
  • Weight: 16kg/35lbs Weight with easy identification
  • Colour: Black/Green


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