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Key Features:

  • Super lightweight. The weight of the revvll PRO including the rope and its anchor sling is below 6kg. Competing rope climbing machines are at least 400% heavier and need special mounting structures.
  • Superior rope quality. Easy to clean rope with high microbial resistance. Superior to fast-wearing, less resistant braided ropes. Higher security for the user: no clunky rope connector.
  • Variable. Six different settings from 100 to 500 w/s provide a very wide range of application from rehab to strength training, from beginners to competitive athletes. The revvll PRO can be mounted to the wall or to any holding structure via its anchor sling.
  • Smooth run. Eddy current braking system allows for more compact designs, requires no electricity and can be used outdoors in dry weather. Superior to magnet braking or friction-based systems.
  • Good value for money. we provide a competitive pricing. Especially given that we deliver more quality, more variability and are still priced below other rope resistance training devices.
  • German workmanship. Designed and built in Germany. Sophisticated mechanism with high-grade components for professional usage and maximum durability.


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