Selectorised IFI Leg Press

Compound Leg press helps build strength and endurance in your legs. IFI approved.

• Entry from either side of machine
• Large fixed anti-slip footplate surface
• Lumbar support
• Linear bearing carriage mechanism
• Adjustable start position (6 positions)
• Seat angled to reduce pressure on the spine
• Colour contrasted seats oversized to add stability and comfort
• Spring assisted seat back adjusted from seated position with one hand
• Oversized instruction graphics
• Magnetic weight selector pin with high visibility yellow grab handle and lanyard

Additional Information

Frame Colour Black Gloss, Black Matte (Textured), Dark Grey, Unfinished Steel (Lacquered), Silver, Silver Sparkle, White, Red (RAL 3020G), Orange (RAL 2004G), Lime Green (BS 12E51), Purple (RAL 4006), Light Blue (RAL 5015), French Blue (BS 166), Green (RAL 6018)
Upholstery Colour Schwarz, Granit, Sky, Atoll, Violett, Lila, Fuchsia, Mohn, Feuer, Orange, Sonne, Schiefer, Agave, Smaragd