Jordan Suspension Training Station

Product Information

  • Suitable for use with MiloKit, Jungle Gym® XT, Gym Rings & TRX
  • Loop attachements on all feet for rope and band work
  • Unique splayed leg design for increase stabulity
  • Unique textured paint finish ” TUFF COAT” makes racks more resistant to wear and tear damage
  • Suspension Straps are not included

1.5m (up to 2 user station)

  • Height 2500mm
  • Length 2570mm
  • Depth 2560mm

2m (up to 4 user station)

  • Height 2500mm
  • Length 3070mm
  • Depth 2560mm

3m (up to 6 user station)

  • Length 4070mm
  • Depth 2560mm
  • Height 2500mm