Watson Swiss Bar

The amazing Swiss Bar by Watson Gym Equipment is a versatile, multi-function Swiss Bar and great for all forms of pressing, rowing and arm work. The neutral grip on the Swiss Bar offers a great variation to the usual straight bar grip while also reducing shoulder strain.

Athletes with existing shoulder injuries have found that the Watson Swiss Bar allows them to train around the injury with a minimum of “down-time”.

The Watson Swiss Bar fits in a Power Rack and will handle 400 kg with ease.

The 30 mm thick handles are spaced at 150 mm, 350 mm and 550 mm for huge training variety.

This bar is available with our new roller bearing revolving sleeves.

These run on twin bearings and are incredibly smooth no matter how much weight is on the bar.

  • Work around shoulder injuries
  • Bench and row with parallel grip
  • Shock muscle fibres into new growth
  • Lifetime warranty