Watson Dumbbells

Watson dumbbells are the worlds best dumbbells. Super compact with a custom knurling pattern, giving the ultimate control and feel.

Available in any set size or increments.


The benefits of training with thick handles are now well known. We take things even further and our 50mm diameter handles revolve on super smooth, twin roller bearings. When performing any type of rotational exercise (bicep curls for example) the revolving handles prevent the inertia forces of the dumbbell putting load on your wrists and elbows, the cause of many injuries. Our dumbbells effectively ‘disconnect’ your joints from the rotational forces of the weight.


The fact is most dumbbells don’t last very long in a busy gym. They either work their way loose and become wobbly, have chunks of rubber break off them or end up with handles that are bent. We know that dumbbells will be dropped and abused, so we designed them to cope with it. Our dumbbells are indestructible. CNC machined form solid stainless steel rather than cast makes them many times stronger, perfectly accurate and far more compact than any other dumbbell available. Because our dumbbells are stainless there is no zinc, nickel or chrome finish to chip, flake or peel.