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FreeMotion RIP 60

We are exclusive distributors of the Freemotion RIP 60 in Ireland
Innovative Education
Integrating both on and off strap movements, the Rip:60™ Education delivers a unique, high calorie-burn workout. The sequencing also utilizes functional training with push, pull, trunk and lower body methodology, working each side equally. This also allows for ample recovery time and faster results.
Simple Design
The unique design of the Rip:60™ Trainer is perfect for users of all levels. It adjusts with every movement so you get the workout you want. It’s made of aircraft-quality aluminum and heavy-duty nylon with comfortable hand and ankle straps. This system holds up to 600 lbs. and is guaranteed for life!
Optimization Zone
Each workout offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced position. Extreme body angles create a more intense, challenging workout while smaller angles make the workout easier. If you feel fatigued during your last few reps, simply adjust your angle and keep moving!
By changing your workout intensity during those last vital seconds, you’ll maximize your calorie burn and increase your overall strength!
Suspended Rotation
The secret to Rip:60™ Training is suspended rotation. Your body is
forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout so you engage
more muscle and constantly engage your core with every move.
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The difference between Home and Club Rip:60


Rip:60 TV Commercial


Different dimensions available. Contact us for more details


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Home Model - €130
Club Model - €155
Prices inclusive of VAT. Free shipping to anywhere in ireland.