Realleader USA FW1022 Stretch Trainer

Realleader USA FW1022 Stretch Trainer

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The Realleader USA FW1022 Stretch Trainer makes full-body stretching a breeze. Keeping your body loose and limber is important, especially as you age and begin to lose flexibility and mobility. When your body is tight, you’re more likely to experience pain and discomfort, and it could even increase your risk of injury.

Stretching can be boring and challenging for a lot of people, so this specially designed machine will not only take the guesswork out of stretching, but also make it more fun, Even if you’re brand new to stretching the various muscle groups throughout your body, the convenient instructional placard on this machine will show you exactly how to target everything from your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, hips, and legs, to your lower back, groin, shoulders, and upper back. Yes, this one machine can really do it all.

You can use this stretching machine before or after your workout—during your warm-up and cool-down sessions, for example—or anytime you wish. It can help you boost not only your flexibility, but also your coordination and athletic performance. And you can rest assured that you’ll derive the greatest amount of benefit from each and every stretch, as this machine puts you into ergonomically correct positions. Gravity helps to further enhance every movement, and because you’re in a seated position, your back will be nice and stable, as well as comfortable. Plus, the kneepads, padded handlebars, and wrist straps also give you greater comfort and control during every stretch.

Colour; Silver Frame Black Upholstery

Dims: 1885x700x100mm


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