Jordan Sandbag Pro


Jordan Sandbag Pro

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Newly designed Sandbag Pro, helps you build more functional strength than ever before. This heavy duty training weight bag is a great full-body workout tool, making it perfect for anyone seeking to develop their fitness.

  • Improved functionality, aesthetics and durability, ensuring its construction is superior to similarly styled sandbags.
  • Great alternative to dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls for performing exercises, including squats, lunges and rows – great fitness kit for increasing the intensity of your cardio or strength workout.
  • Extra handles, including a top handle, not only give you more workout options, it also means you can work with a training partner for additional exercises
  • Available in sizes from 5kg to20kg, each colour coded for easy identification.
  • Widely used in commercial and boutique gym functional training areas as well as in elite sports performance clubs, CrossFit, bootcamps, MMA, boxing clubs and rehab facilities.

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Sandbag Pro

5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg


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