Jordan 2.5kg -25kg Dumbbell Set


Jordan 2.5kg -25kg Dumbbell Set

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A classic dumbbell set of 2.5kg -25kg (in 2.5kg increments) to suit any any home gym or health club, our Jordan rubber solid end dumbbells are known, industry wide, for leaving zero damage to gym benches and flooring. Used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, functional training as well as standard strength dumbbell exercises, these classic dumbbells will look at home in any commercial, independent or boutique gym. Accompanied with a space-saving, strong and stable steel dumbbell rack.

Dumbbell Product Information

  • 10 pairs of each 2.5kg – 25kg in 2.5kg increments
  • Stylish and durable black rubber finish will not chip or damage machines
  • Our unique J-lock system, Jordan registered design, helps prevent loosening of the dumbbell head
  • Rubber virtually eliminates “clanking” of dumbbells
  • Contoured chrome easy grip handles
  • Raised number weight identification

Rack Product Information

  • 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack (2 tier) Pairs
  • Heavy duty design
  • Any weight can be stored on this rack
  • Rubber saddles for correct weight location
  • Saddles prevent damage to dumbbells
  • Ultra flexible design. These racks can be ‘Daisy chained’ together to provide one continuous rack
  •  Matte Black


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