7ft Olympic Bar Jordan

  • 7ft Olympic Bar

7ft Olympic Bar Jordan

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7ft Steel Series Bar (1500lbs / 681kg test) & Spring Collars

  • Quality and strong set of steel bars complete with a contemporary brushed-steel finish that’s significantly more durable than chrome
  • Precision bearings guarantee a smoother rotation with each and every lift
  • Forge impressive biceps and triceps with a variety of strength exercises including the wide-grip standing curl, standard-grip curl and overhead triceps extension
  • Build broad, powerful shoulders with exercises like overhead shoulder press
  • Essential bar for all gym-goers, from bodybuilders through to swimmers



  • Dimensions: L 2200mm
  • Diameter 50mm
  • Grip: 32m
  • Weight 21.5kg

Spring Collars 

  • Suitable for Olympic bars with 50mm diameter, while rubber ends increase strength of grip
  • Spring steel with chrome finish, this proven design has made this a favourite for coaches and athletes alike


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